The Dao of Doctor D

Timeline Tools

This post contains a partial and growing list of timeline creation tools for you to use in understanding and creating timelines. The goal is for the list to be exhaustive, although I never promise any list is truly all-encompassing, as it only takes one exception for that claim to become false. Completeness, however, is a good goal. It’s an ideal and ideals make good visions to chase. Let me know through Twitter or Disqus if you note any missing, any dead links, or any errors. Read more →

A Tip for Managing “Momento Moments”

Do you remember that movie, Memento? It was about a guy who could only remember things for a few minutes. He had no ability to transfer his short-term memory to long-term memory. To solve the mystery of his wife’s murder, he wrote notes everywhere and even tattooed the most important ones all over his body. If you’re like me, you have “Memento moments,” where you forget the task you were working on. Read more →

Timeline Thinking: 10 Questions to Support Ad-Hoc Decisions

Ted strolls across the grass, sweat glazing his forehead, the sound of staticky 1980s-channel radios echoing in the near distance. Beneath the flea market tarpaulin, he passes many items that are junk to him, until he spots one of interest. He recognizes the style of the old dresser. The finish shows bare wood in many spots and a crack runs along the grain of a side panel, but Ted’s familiar with how to fix those issues. Read more →

The What of Whom?

Two strangers meet on a road. They first show their hands bare of weapons with a wave then a handshake. They identify themselves and their origins. One of the new acquaintances knows of the land in which they meet and the other does not, so he tells the traveler where she is. Hello to you, reader. Let me shake your hand. I am Michael Demastrie. As for my origins, there are many, depending how we view my past. Read more →